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Esports - ECS CS:GO Finals, Wembley Arena

I was approached by Steelseries to photograph their sponsored CS:GO esports team Faze Clan at the ECS finals in Wembley Arena, having full access to the team behind the scenes and on stage.

It was a very last minute booking that took me by surprise but I was very excited at the opportunity to photograph some more esports, especially inside a venue as big as Wembley Arena. The brief was set into two parts, the first; to take individual headshots of the team. These had to be done to a very tight schedule as the Faze team wanted to fit as much practice time as possible before the first match in the afternoon. So the shots below were taken in the space of 10 minutes.

The rest of the time was spent photographing the team during their practice sessions and throughout the matches, played on stage, in front of the huge ECS crowds. It ended up being quite a long day but it was a fantastic experience to watch and photograph esport professionals in an amazing venue. Here are some of my favourite shots from the day:


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